Since 911 how many Terrorist have TSA screeners caught, NONE, instead they have made the world safe from a whole lot of hand lotion, nail files and pocket knives. And now they are strip searching people. At what point do we say enough is enough?


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Great question ...They have already went too far...
      “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Benjamin Franklin
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I'd say that the already have and people
are getting up in arms over it.  The 'more
effective'  pat searching  has uncovered more
anger than contraband.  I mean, if I'm
going to be felt up, I, at least, want dinner
and a movie to show for it.  And that new X-ray
they use.  If I'm going to supply some X-rated
views, I want a paycheck everytime I go through.
I wonder how long it's going to be before someone
screams 'child porn'.
I don't think that this was 'the best ideas yet' and
sooner or later, those who dreamed both up are
going to have give over on them.
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Jillian Peppe
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LOL, leave it to you in making me laugh, but on a serious note, you are so correct on the minors, more violations going on here then the seriousness of the initial reasons for the stripe search!
Brady commented
I honestly do not see what the problem is. The imagers are weak x-ray scanners capable of only showing skin surface in black and white gradients black is denser than bone white is normal human density. The people sitting in front of the scanners aren't pedophiles, they aren't there so that they can see you naked they are there to protect public security, likewise with the guards doing pat downs. I do not see such huffing and hawing at concert hall security who do perform full pat down checks.
Jewelly A. Shetka
Maybe so about the machine, but I never even
let my ex-husband(s) touch me like that in public.
Why am I supposed to think that it's okay for a
perfect stranger to do it? As for concerts, I've
never been to one. Either way I don't like the
idea of going in silk and coming out felt.
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They Are Not Searching Me. No Way.They Can't Seem To Catch Terrorists Anyway. What Damage Can You Do With Body Lotion. I Love My St. Ives Body Lotion  I Use It Every Day.. If I Can't Take It With Me On A Plane With  Very Dry Air.. I'l Drive Or  Take The Train.. They Say No One Can "  Get Access" To The Photos. Really?. I Had A Pocket Knife And Nail File When I Went To My Dad's Funeral.. Out Of State. No One Found Out About It. I Like To Carry A Pocket Knife
With Me
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Jillian Peppe
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More power to you Purpless, makes you wonder who is really getting rich off all these items being taken away!
Annie Devore
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I Don't Want A Man's Hands On Me.. Unless I'm Getting Roses.. Candy.. And Dinner At Spagos In LA... Dancing For Me .. I Don't Think.. That If I Am Hiding A Pacemaker In My Chest.. That I'd Need A Pat Down On Top Or Bottom Of Me. They Can't Find That There Pacemaker Anymore Than They Can Find A Pain Pump Just Under My Arm...That Shoe Bomber Guy Look What Happened There . Those 9 11 Terrorists Walking Right On The Plane.. Can't They Just Use Like Something Like The Old Metal Detector
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Wait, wait, wait - where did you get your information? Are you absolutely sure about that? I read a couple of months ago that they have caught several, but I don't remember where.
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I think the screeners should not be ignorant so I would say enough when they start going crazier like checking Makeup
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At some point you do have to draw a line between safety and freedom as those two values cannot be held without conflict.  Banning liquids is easily justified, I can't fathom why it wasn't done sooner.  Think about the amount of liquid taken from passengers compared to say, the amount of acid/base conjugate in a simple laptop battery(for those of you who don't know batteries work by freeing electrons from acidic solutions and delivering them to a related base on the other end of a wire).  A 6-cell, standard laptop battery when fully charged can be used as an improvised bomb capable of releasing approximately the same energy as 2 hand grenades(this is of course if you know what you are doing and know how to modify certain computer components, for obvious reasons I'm not going into it).  This isn't realistically enough to take out a plane (just the people on it), meanwhile, an improvised battery using two water-bottles full of battery fluid designed for the task is easily enough.  Originally fluid screening was put into place because of a plot to do exactly that, take a few water bottles of chemicals onto a plane and assemble explosives in the air.  Also to my knowledge strip searching isn't being employed, all that TSA screeners are are weak x-ray imagers which don't have enough power to pierce skin and, if you aren't comfortable with that you can opt for a simple manual pat down.  If you really want you can do away with public security and make it easy for terrorist but I would fight you pretty much every step of the way on that one.
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Unfortuantely at the point where its too late. The more protection you have, the fewer rights you have. The more we tend to protect society from potential dangers, the more scared and fearful it becomes. The more fearful society becomes, the more rules we make. So its a vicious cycle that will continue until we are living in essentially a fascist state where there are rules and laws governing almost every aspect of our lives
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We'll they have just got into too much racism. They don't spoil everyone through those scanners and checking process. Its just the ones they intend to harass. To my knowledge they haven't caught anyone through that process until now. By the way 911 was just a lame reason to get over all the oil left in this world. They needed a platform to start from and they got it through Afghanistan. Then they headed onto Iraq by blaming it to hold mass destructive weapons and once they captured it, they gave an explanation that it was a wrong intelligence report and they apologised. Damn isn't it too much? I could not believe how those two giant buildings collapsed being hit by the planes. Technically they couldn't have fully collapsed being hit by the aircrafts as there was quite a lot of metal used in the making which couldn't have melted down till the lowest stories. Only the first 50 stories could have collapsed. The way twin towers collapsed was mysterious like they were made of paper. Many doubt that there were explosives set in the buildings to make them fully collapse and show the destruction to be massive. It was after that this all started and until now you have to go through those scanners and pass through those wild angry dogs lol. You have to take your shoes off and some or may be all of your clothes.
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this wednesday is protest day at the airports. Tell all you know thats flying.
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It is an perfect world , it is what it is , even from the evolution , just stop waiting for miracle , you make your life happier
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I think we should just use the jumbo jets for people that like being felt up and use smaller planes for less paranoid people, have a history check when ticket is purchased and be done with it. So the risk is just like pickin up a hich hiker.

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