What's The Advantages And Disadvantages Of 20th Century?


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It would take a long time to answer this in full, and not everybody would agree about what is an advantage or disadvantage. Still, there are probably some advantages everybody should agree about. These include:

Advances in medicine, increased lifespan in many countries, much better communications (look how we're communicating at this moment!) easier travel, the spread of knowledge by means of the internet etc. In many countries we can add the spread of democracy, the spread of women's rights and advances in science of all kinds.

Most people would agree on certain disadvantages too:

overcrowding, pollution, resources getting fewer and being fought over., with inequality growing all the time. Many of the advantages I mentioned above contain disadvantages within themselves. For instance, better technology also means more powerful weapons. Better communication means that rumours, conspiracies and hatred can be spread more quickly. Longer life often means longer illnesses... and so on.

One thing you can say for sure - it was an exciting time to be alive (in both a good and a bad sense) and the 21st century will probably be even more so.
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The 20th century was a time of great progress in Social Welafare, Health care and technology.

Travel became much easier for the mass of the population in the so called 'developed' world as gradually cars, trains and planes began to be available for many people.

One of the greatest achievements for women was the ability to limited the size of their families and have a real choice in their careers and role in the family. Women were also given the vote after a prolonged campaign by the Sufferagette Movement.

Education was also made complusory eventually to the age of 16. In the westrn world and America education became a huge issue for a well educated society is of benefit to all.

In theory equality for all sexes, clours and religions became a feature of life in C20 but this still has a long way to go in the C21. People also bacame much more aware of the damage we are doing to our planet and the creatrures who inhabit it
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The advantages are obvious, the disadvantage for the educated is that you have to constantly watch out and make politically correct statements no matter what you intrinsic feelings may be!!!! Nandini

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