Why is WWI called "The Great War"? Surely WWII, with it's superior weapons, better Uniforms, higher body count, more participating Countries, and longer time frame was much "greater".


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I think WWI was bloody hell over WWII. More deaths because of better bomber and city and civilians died. In WWI big bombers did not exist lower deaths. In all WWII had much improved weapons and an extra two years in the war. WWI mostly trench fighting, but if you could imagine the conditions of the trenches I sure you would agree WWI was far more ugly.
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I'll agree WWI was uglier.The leaders were far less charismatic. An accidental War. Not thought out at all. Nothing "Great" about it. At least in WWII, the Leaders made an effort. & say what you like about Hitler, he knew how to work a crowd. The Uniforms of the Germans were probably the most stylish in history. Much better than ours. And those armour plated Mercs! Classy! WWII was far more aesthetically pleasing than WWI. It really was a Great War.
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Well WW1 was also called the war to end all wars too I believe..... Which was wishful thinking, nearly 100 years later and with just about as many wars under our belts since.
The last war, the great war, the war to end all wars will be when the last two humans alive kill each other.
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But if the last two humans are Male, and Female, surely they would give into the *Breed* instinct first seeing as there wouldn't be anything to be in dispute over? Maybe when there were (hypothetically) three humans left, the last two Males might fight to the death over the last female, but "To the Victor, go the spoils". No point in fighting to be the last Male Human, if the next thing you do, is to kill the last Female Human. If that was the case, then we would truly deserve to die out.
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The first world war was the war that left Europe literally in ruins.
Life was a lot harder for soldiers in WW1 because vehicles such as loco motions and tanks had not yet been developed to a satisfactory so most of the fighting was in the trenches.
This proved to be a poor way of fighting as both sides had huge casualties.
Also because of WW1, more people in Russia turned to communism and overthrew the Tsar.
This signified a new era of communism and perhaps an early warning to the Cold War as many countries would turn communist in the near future.

If WW1 never broke out, the USA might never have been a superpower and perhaps communism would have never put into action, saving hundreds of millions of lives.

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Correction the civil war had a higher body count then all the other wars that the you. S. Was engaged in put together. Battle of Cold harbor 7,500 dead in one hour of fighting. Gettsburg 52,000 dead in three days of fighting.
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So what about the 60,000 dead in one day, in the battle of the Somme? (And that was just the British losses) Why do you Americans think it's all about you?
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Good question. I never read nor heard of Somme. I am sure that there are other huge number of people getting killed around this world that would make what we are quoting look silly. TTanks for your respons.
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Well ww1 was the great war at the time ww2 hadnt happened yet so it was the great war because  its got its name before ww2 was thought of

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