What do online communities mean for popular culture today?


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Online communities have changed the way many people socialize; since it's very easy to meet new people via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and virtual worlds like Second Life, online communities play a role in opening up popular culture. News is posted to online communities as soon as it happens; literally within seconds, people from all over the world can chime in with comments about news and how it makes them think or feel.

  • Instant feedback

This instant feedback and communication has changed the world, and it influences the way popular culture is experienced. Before, society lacked this same immediacy, although people could call into radio stations or write letters to the editor. In the past, feedback was expressed in a slower fashion and it reached a limited audience. Today, people from all over the world experience news and gossip at the same moment and they react together. In a sense, the online community has made society even more of a "global melting pot".

  • Marketing changes

Since feedback and immediacy have changed popular culture, marketers have also aligned their approaches to suit online communities. These powerful virtual societies are populated with all manner of consumers, and they are very important to marketers, who seek out new and creative ways to get their attention at online communities. For example, most musical artists, actors, actresses, and corporations are fully represented on social media - they each have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and virtual presences at other popular online hubs.

One fun example of online media in popular culture is the pop-rock band, Duran Duran, whose members all created avatars in the virtual world environment, Second Life - this means their record releases and promos are touted via their avatars, as well as by band members in the real world. On Twitter, Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon maintains a popular Twitter account to liaise with fans all over the world.
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online communities have given a larger platform to sharing culture and music. Learning music has been an old hobby of many people since ages. All type of music starting from classical to the modern variety of pop are some of the favorites of many people. Therefore music learning institutes have done a major help to the society where the children receive proper vocal training and etc. But now online platforms have made possible for online music classes. People staying away from their native place or away from the institution can take their classes online.

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