Why Are There So Many Different Spoken Languages In India?


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India is a very diverse nation. It comprises of many languages, customs, traditions, culture and so on. India being a very vast country has reasons for it origins at ends like north, south, east and west. For example in down south India you have language like Portuguese, Konkani, Tamil, Kanada, Malayalam, etc. these languages have come into India due to various invaders like the Britishers( Portuguese), Aryans who entered way back before the time of the British and even another group known as the Dravidians who brought in various other south languages. The Santhals were considered to be one of the oldest tribal group who associated very well with eastern part of the country and they are responsible to bring in languages like Bengali, although not wholly but roughly.

Hindi and English are however, considered to be the official languages of India and it is definitely spoken widely all over, except in the remote areas where you have various kinds of tribal languages that exist.

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