Which Two Superpowers Fought A War That Ended With A Treaty In 1667?


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England and Holland. The two superpowers fought the Second Anglo-Dutch War between England and the United Provinces from 4 March 1665 until 31 July 1667. The conflict was ignited by England trying to end the Dutch domination of world trade. After initial English successes, the war ended in an ultimately Dutch victory. English and French resentment would soon lead to renewed warfare, and there would be two more similar conflicts after this one, bringing the total number of conflicts of this caliber up to four.

While Holland or the Netherlands may not be seen as a global superpower now, at the time the nation was a force to be reckoned with, due to its weighty status in the world trade system and its explorational tendencies.

The conflict was finally settled on 31 July 1667, after the Treaty of Breda sealed momentary peace between the two nations. The treaty allowed the English to keep possession of New Amsterdam (quickly renamed New York, after the then Duke of York, James, who was granted control of the city from his brother King Charles II of England ) which they had acquired from the Dutch during the troubles, while the Dutch kept control over Paulu Run and the valuable sugar plantations of Suriname which they had conquered in a sort of switchover from the English in 1667. Paulu Run was as important at the time as it was thought to be the only source of Nutmeg in the world, which at the time was newly discovered and seen as a highly valuable spice among trade routes the world over.

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