Charlie Rangle made the interesting point that Rep. Allen West isn't in a party that has much to brag about on civil rights. Really? It seems Rangel is in need of a little history lesson to remind him which party did the most for Civil Rights. Now?


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YES!  LBJ was a Democrat!  Thanks for reminding everyone.
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Charlie Rangel went off the rails when he insulted Sarah Palin by saying "You got to be kind to the disabled"  in an interview on WCBS-TV back in 2008, so I've little sympathy for him.So it was good to see him getting a boxing lesson from Laura Ingraham on The O'Reilly Factor when he waded into territory where he was found lacking.Allen West is an intelligent smart-thinking man who would probably take the majority of the independent vote - his Pigford vote aside ( for which he's already apologised for ).If you want to check out his leadership capabilities, I recommend " A missing link in leadership: The trial of LTC Allen West "  by Richard Berry.
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You could probably do a survet and find that majority of Americans are in the same boat as he is and not even have a clue here what youre talking about

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