Why Is The Hippie Movement Connected With The Vietnam War?


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The Hippie movement was a celelbration of youth, Love, Peace, and individuality. The hippie movement appeared on the scene at about the same time as the vietnam war. With slogan's like make love not war, and the famous peace sign, Hippies expressed their views of the war in vietnam by protesting it. During the era, draft cards were burned  along with the American Flag. Many hippie's avoided the draft and the war, by moving to Canada until the war was over. A presidential amnesty, allowed those fleeing the war in Vietnam,[draft dodger's] to return home unpunished for their desertion of this country and their duty in wartime. One of the many things that memorialized hippies, was their stand on or against war. The war was the thing that lent them their legitimacy, a case to rally around and solidify them into agreement.
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Hippie's were against the Vietnam War and only believed in Peace and Love. They protested against it by making it a public issue. Sometimes I think was it worth getting our noses involved with their problem. I lost a lot of friends their. I hope this helps a little bit. Good Luck.

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