How loud are smoke bombs when they go off?


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John answered
Depends on which ones you are talking about, class c fireworks or a flash bang smoke  grenade for making dumb criminals become disoriented so they can thump  em a good one.stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself. : ). Most smoke bombs only hiss
as the chemical burns off and shoots a 0ne-two inch flames out the holes where the fuse was/is. At least from my experience this is the way they work.
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
Some Are A Loud Bang Like  Fireworks. Others Just Hiss Like A Snake
lone wolf Profile
lone wolf answered
A homemade smoke  bomb is really quiet, making a 'wisp' sound. A REAL one= LOUD!
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Janey answered
The proper ones that you can get for Halloween can have a really loud bang like those Chinese firecrackers that are used in fireworks displays.

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