Does Nelson Mandela Feel Sorry For Killing So Many Innocent Civilians?


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Mandela does not feel sorry. He was a terrorist at the time and terrorists FEEL nothing. He still feels nothing, just pretending. You should live in the country to know him 'better' and his 'followers' too.
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Did Nelson Mandela kill many innocent civilians? If so, how many and over what time span?

He along with others was plotting to blow up our parliament buildings in order to overthrow the apartheid system which was in place at the time,  when he was caught out at Rivonia on Liliesleaf Farm.
He helped arrange along with other  ANC members various acts of sabotage

As to him feeling sorry... Well who knows? Yes, no - hard to tell.
What I can say is that he seems to have walked out of prison as a "kinder" soul.

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