In The 'Iliad The Death Of Hector' What Warning Did Phoebus Apollo Give Achilles Before He Went To Battle With Hector? Why Did Hector Feel So Strongly That He Must Fight Achilles?


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Phoebus Apollo distracted Achilles by disguising himself as the warrior Agenor, and led him away so that the Trojans could get back into the city. He then revealed himself to Achilles, pointing out that Achilles had now missed a good chance and lost his advantage over the Trojans.

Hector felt that he must fight Achilles because he had earlier insisted on staying out in the open, rather than retreating back into Troy; and in doing so had caused the deaths of many men. Now he felt that he himself had no right to seek the safety which he had earlier denied to his men. Even though both his parents begged him not to fight, and he himself was overwhelmed with terror, he stayed outside the walls until Achilles arrived - and, as he had predicted, Achilles soon killed him.

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