Is celebrity culture ruining society?


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A lot of to-days youth, see how there idols behave, and want to mirror there behavior. They have a duty,to be a good roll model, and sometimes they slip up, as most of us do.When they do behave badly, theres the vultures from the media, always ready, to give them as much bad press as they possibly can, and if possible ruin there career. Television is mostly responsible for the demise of our society. You want to see violence, bloody gun battles,drug taking,people misbehaving, swearing,sex, crazy driving and all done, with glitz and glamor, turn the ''television'' on. Television, the movies,video  games, you name it's got it, that is what is ruining our society.Then on the news, and current affair shows, they are shocked and appalled, and blame everyone but the themselves, for the horrors, that are happening in our society.
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Its not just the celebs and media its the parents , and the individual , so all of these factors affect one's mind , their friends all influence their decisions they make , for example if westlife went and took drugs I  wouldnt be like "oohhh westlife took drugs so I gtta aswell!" , no cus I'm not stupid and I have a brain to think so therefore it also depends on the individual and their ability to think for themselves. And yes some celebs should think about their actions but no matter how much we complain they have the money so they will do what they please with it , they don't think twice , their celebs all they know is that they have the power and money to do what they like.

And today it doesnt take much to be famous just release a sex tape and tht should do it , well thts what most celebs are famous for , and I don't think I ever wnat to be famous if thts what it takes , gone are the talented musicians and actors and here are the young silly , fame-hungry fools who can't think for themselves .
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I have to register my opinion in the affirmative.
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Yes because they don't set a good example for us , the youth
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I should declare that it is our opinion that damage society not celebrities culture.
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G'day Amandasam,

Thank you for your question.

No but it is ruining certain celebrities who get caught up in it.


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