What Is Zonal Improvement Plan?


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Zonal Improvement Plan is also known by its acronym ZIP, which is the set of codes used to differentiate addresses in the United States postal system. The origins of the acronym ZIP are various, but most of them are just wild guesses and not really scientific explanations of the term. Margaret Girard is one such lady who believed that the mail she wanted to send wouldn't go without the code, but after adding a code it would just zip across, that go to it destination at a very high speed and the delivery report would then show the status as 'delivered'. She was not off the mark at all, as the speedy delivery of all pieces of mail was, and still is, the main objective of the US postal department.

The people who started the plan called it the Zonal Improvement Plan, with the acronym ZIP, which coincidentally seems to highlight the primary objective of the postal system, that is an efficient and speedy system of delivery of what is now known as 'snail-mail'.

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