How Come Some Women Are Lazy Especially Compared To Women Of Years Ago?


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Everything must change and somethings are for the better other things we could do without,and somethings people use to the extreme,like fast food mom can pop a couple of dollars and the kids can get MCdonalds or something for dinner, back in the day Moms were always making dinner and the family ate together now everyone eats at a different time,walk the streets and eat, toss the paper on the ground,moms don't teach their children to cook,a lot of TV dinners,prepared food from the grocery store,all these things make females lazy and most were reared in a generation that their mom did not cook,so they don't know how and very few are willing to learn..This is my story and I'm sticking to it...
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Years ago mom made everything from scratch,we now have a generation of mostly lazy people.....
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Yeah and the house will make you not want to eat,yeah a lot of women think this is the reason they had kids to clean the house while they sit back and watch soap operas...
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I hear you.I still cook and its not nuked my ole man would probably shoot me if I tried..LOL but I enjoy cooking and hearing him say "man that was good"
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I think that it is a shame, that women aren't staying home and raising the kiddies anymore. I am doing it, but believe me, there is a lot of work to be done all the time, but no one but me is going to do it. I guess you can say that I am set in my ways, and I want things just so, not to the point of being a slave to it, but still like things done my way, because they run smoother. I hate the microwave, sadly I have one, because the husband got it for me, many years ago, and they use it. I don't buy instant food either, not with looking at what it is doing to society. I make a fresh dinner every night, and do it with love. I want them to be healthy, and they appreciate it too. I wish more women would follow this, I think a lot of America would be healthier for it. Really I do. Hope I didn't step on any toes here. Sorry if I did.
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Like tigger's mom, I too cook a fresh and healthy dinner every night. I also work outside of the home and take care of the household chores. My husband takes care of the outside chores..and works 12 hour shifts.
I was not raised to be lazy and expect those around me to be the same. My daughter can attest to that. She can cook, clean and take care of herself far better than any 18 year old I have ever met. I am proud of the young lady she is becoming and I look forward to see the woman she becomes. And no, she doesn't HAVE to do those things..she does them because she loves cooking and learning how to care for her home as much as she cares for herself. So yes, we can have it all...but we have to work harder than anyone else to have it...for me it's worth it...the love and gratitude I receive is unmeasurable.
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I think that everything is getting so easy now. You really don't even have to get up Anymore. Everything is delivered to your house everything now that's why ever one is so lazy now. If you look at it your don't even Have to leave your house..   Take care.
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Most of the women of today were not raised to accept hard work they were raised lazy and will continue to be that way their entire lives some of that is not their fault but all people have the power to change their circumstances no matter who they are.
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I don't know anything but hard work. I wasn't brought up lazy. It's scary when you think of the future of the kids being brought up today. God forbid natural disasters, they wouldn't know how to survive.
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I'm afraid some feel that they are sitting on a gold mine of sort and nothing else!

An Elder at a Lakota Pow Wow on the Pineridge Reservation once said to us this very thing!

"In the old days the brave hunted, fished, fought, and made babies ONLY!"
"The woman farmed, cooked, cleaned, cared for the animals, and raised and made the babies too!"
"Then the White Man said that the Indians Were Uncivilized and had to change their ways!"
"Look around for NOTHING has been the same sense THEN!"
"WHO do you feel was right about these things?"

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2 reasons:
  1. Women work  (mostly non physical jobs)

  2. Women and younger females are addicted to electronic devices which require no physical activity either.  (their addiction to these devices, cell phone texting, facebook, ipods  where should I stop!!!  Is similar to a heroin addict needing his next fix.)

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