If You Wrote Santa Claus A Letter Asking Him For Three (3) Things For This Christmas, What Would They Be?


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1. To find my daughter born 6-13-67 given away at birth.
2. Win the lottery
3. Go to Disney world with no money worries.
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Pamela Krueger
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I hope your #1 wish comes true! Do you know her name? Can you search on the internet?
Seffie Jones
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I'm so sorry about your daughter! God bless you this Christmas!
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I pray that you find her!!! This could really be the best Christmas present ever!! I am praying for you.
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Good health to family and friends, peace on earth, so that people will live and let live and stop the bickering about this race and that race hindering them, more human love, some people love their animals more than a human, no more wars...the best to you
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Mine would be peace on earth, good will to and for men and women and for good health
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Health a place to live as I must move, and happiness for my daughter - she has suffered too much in life
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Since Santa Claus isn't God, I'll skip the wishes for world peace and all that. Think that's a little out of his league.
I would wish for:
1) Give every child on Christmas Day a meal to eat.
2) That every child get at least one thing on their Christmas list.
3) That every child has someone who loves them.
Remember, the Santa part of Xmas is for kids, and I would hope each and every one of them gets to enjoy it and remember it as a good day.
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An appt. Of our own, my divorce to go really fast, (had to put in again for it), and WORLD  PEACE!!!! Literally!!! Of course in all this, I want my Tigger to be happy, so that is in there, so I think that would be in the appt?
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1. A baby brother
2. To go spend christmas some place where it snows.  I have to spend christmas in summer :(
3. For my sister to be alive for the day
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Pamela Krueger
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I also wish your sister could be alive for Christmas Timtam...but she IS alive with Jesus in Heaven even though it hurts for you not to have her on earth.

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