Who Was Al Gore's College Roommate At Harvard?


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No, no, no, Tamarind! It was Jiminy Cricket! LOL :-)

Who is Tommy Lee Jones?

I LOVE this movie and watch it almost every time it runs!!!

Thanks for the question, Nassy!! Luv ya!! :-)
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Will Smith??????
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Tommy Lee Jones
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I see from all the above, Tommy Lee Jones. What a cool mate for a bit of a limp Al Gore. Wonder were they both in the Skull n Bones club?
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Well, I think it was either Bill Clinton, George Bush or Billy Bob Thornton.
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No, my angelic friend, did ya read the hint? BTW: MIB = Men In Black! Try again? Lol...♥ ya gf Nassy
Rena Chisholm
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Fine , I'll just go answer that Katmandu< Nepal question then!
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Bambootoo, a chimp used in intelligence experiments. Records show that this association boosted Gore's GPA 2 full points.
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OH Girl was it Will Smith or Tommy lee hahahaha, but the real answer is tommy lee....smile
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Awww...i never watched any of those movies, but I will take a big guess....
Dont laugh:(
Mr. Invisible Man... He's my bestest friend:P

hahaha,dont rate this answer, it was rlly lame:(

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