How Do You Find Out The Names Of People Who Died In World War 1?


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I have a degree in history from the University of Virginia @ Wise and I have done a great deal of private study on World War One. One thing about world war one was that it took place before the era of accurate record keeping. The records for World War Two are far more accurate in retrospect. The records of those who died in the war (and when we say died we need to distinguish between those who were recorded to have been killed in action KIAs and those who died from something else and among those who would not be classified as KIA's are soldiers who where seriously injured in battle and died a few days later) from Great Britain, France and Germany
might still be fairly complete as compared to say soldiers from a less developed county at the time like Turkey. However, the mass and scale of fighting was so large that even the records from the most developed countries of the time are incomplete. And then there were many soldiers that just disappeared. In many cases they were literally blown to bits and there is nothing to be found. And then there was this terrible mud on the western front, in particular  which was so deep and soft that a soldier could step of the path and just among and never be seen again. But we are friends now and keep these questions coming. I have got to go to bed because I have been blogging for almost 24 hours now.
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This is one piece of work that needs a lot of your time, money and effort. You may start with the Death Registry but this may not be accurate for some could really be left out. Records in archives may have also been destroyed or incomplete. The only sure thing that can be recorded are the soldiers and the heroes.
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Usually a couple of officers show up at your door and say they are sorry for you loss and were honored to have(your son/daughter/husband/wife) served with him or her if they did know them and hand you a box full of your loved ones personal affects..
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There's a listing at veteran's affair.

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