Is The United Nations A Waste Of Time?


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I'm pretty sure they will go the way of the League of Nations - Unless they start acting like the idea of the U.N. Rather than another pointless bureaucracy.
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Until they act on the behalf of all equally/justly they are just like the senate in what's that called a filibuster. Not going anywhere just taking up others have said they are wrapped up in so much written quicksand they forget how to tread/get out of the muck/mire (work through the red tape)to advance the purpose they are there is almost like they are trying to climb a hill covered in ice the harder they try the further backwards they slide.
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Seems that way sometimes Nomad.
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It's easy to poke fun at them without knowing what they go through just to communicate between all the countries.
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I think they are big burden on developing countries in the first place as they need to pay for the seat/membership heavily(you can't even imagine). Secondly, they have failed miserably for the purpose it is made for. Thirdly, it has become instrument of punishment for countries other than having veto power etc.
To sum up I will say United Nations is a complete wastage of time and resources for greater masses of this world.
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No ,the united nations is not a waste of time.
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They Constantly Argue And Really Can't Seem To Truly Agree On Anything. I'm Beginning To Wonder.. They Need A Mediator.. Like Mr. Rodgers.. Or Ghandi.. Someone Soo Levelheaded That They Have To Agree On Some Things.. They Have To Get Someone In There To Say Can't WE All Just Get  Along?  Someone People Naturally Get Along With... Like  The M&M Guys Or The Keebler Elves.  Geico Caveman?? It Should Be So Easy Even Dan Quayle Can Do It? Let's Not Have Jon Goselin As Moderator Or Paris Hilton  Shall WE?? No Way Jose!!
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Thanks Purpless. Paris Hilton's diplomatic ambitions will have to be put on hold. :>)
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I personally think they do a good job.( apart from Paris Hilton that is ) There's much they do that's never reported,However it seems to me that they need to rearrange themselves.the big 5 or is it 6 now, have far too much power over emerging nations,but on the whole they do ok.
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They have their uses...unfortunately being
united doesn't seem to be one of them.   
If there'd be more unity and agreement
and less chest-pounding (shoe-pounding?)
and bellowing, it'd be far more useful than
it is now.   Most of the time, it's just a group
of argumentative people with an
impressive name that most don't live up to.
There are people in it that do do their jobs...
Or try to, but these are usually out-numbered
by those who seem to enjoy stirring up
an ant hill.
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There are many, many programs that are administered by the United Nations that provide valuable services for people all over the world. It is a terrible shame that only the bad news gets reported, in spite of all the great work the United Nations does.
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No...They are not all powerful. Would it be for the best, if they were? It is a big job. They do a decent job most of the time. The world is better with them than without them. It is not a waste of time.
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Yes, I have dealt/listened to much of the blabber. They are all idiots who basically hate one another. I am sure they have done some good at one point or another but they have screwed up more than they fixed.
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No, because a delegate at the UN can say to the world that people in Iran are needed by planets and galaxies, which is much better than making threats or calling people names

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