What Could You Do To Change The World? Be Realistic Please.


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Honestly, I don't there is much that one person can do change the world. I like to think realistically, even though people usually see that as pessimism. Think about the people throughout history that have "made a difference". Has their impact reverberated through time, on a global level? Did they stop us from wanting to hurt and kill each other?

I just try to change things on a small scale. I try to help my friends out when I can. I pick up a piece of trash if I see it lying on the ground. I turn off lights and appliances when I'm not using them. Sure, they are small steps, and don't impact the world in the grand scheme; but they are tangible things that I can do to make my life, and the lives of those around me,  a little bit better.
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You know, once you answer a question there is no point in even trying to answer it myself..... You put things in such a good way, great wording and equally great perspectives.... You've ruined this question for me man! Lol but in a positive way :)

All I can say is how can I possibly improve on this answer? I cannot :)
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Ha ha sorry bud.
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I like the method that i've always used, it's called *pay it forward*...i would like to believe i'm not the only one that uses this method. For example a guy knocked at the door the other day, i opend it and he said nervously that he had just got a call from his mom, saying she and his grandmother had broke down across the bay and needed him to come pick them up & help to get his grandmother on home,but he was out of gas there was no way he could make it that far with what he had,and he was without a dollar even, and could'nt think of any other way but by stoping and asking someone for help, he needed at the least ten in gas to go with what he already had in his tank, offering to leave his licence and come strate back and letting his mom repay and pick them up. I happened to have ten dollars and didn't hesitate. As he took out his licence and give me his mothers name, i told him no. Just do me the favor of remembering, he owed me. And to someday repay me by helping another when he can with that ten dollars. I like the feeling it leaves me as well,telling another how they can repay me *pay it forward*... And i know by the amount of people i've helped in that way,someone surely has done the same, you can sometimes tell by their faces that indeed it would be carried on >(by some anyway). And to me thats o.kay... So to answer this question, it would be *pay it forward* just as i"m doing,whenever i can. (my smile)
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Only one person cant do that.You could start of by going green
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World peace if I could.
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To change this world the first thing i will do is i will first washout terrorism from the world and tell all the people about the importance of unity  because if we are united we can make impossible  possible because impossible itself says that i m possible
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It would involve an assassination, and I'm not that keen to go to jail right now!
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Jason Parsons
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"Be realistic please."... Ring a bell? Read the question. I asked what could you do, not what it would involve. And quite honestly I would be surprized if you could successfuly assassinate a dinner roll, much less a person, so try again and BE REALISTIC!!!
Stewart Pinkerton
I was being realistic, I'm sure we both have a list of people whose removal would be extremely beneficial to the world, and assassination is not that difficult if you don't care about escaping. BTW, a long time ago in a galaxy far away I was a sniper, so it's in no way an unrealistic suggestion, but as I said, I wouldn't expect to get away with it and I'm not *that* motivated!

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