What Do You Like Most About Thanksgiving?


16 Answers

Jillian Peppe Profile
Jillian Peppe answered
The thing I like most about Thanksgiving is the left-over after we eat, I know that sounds silly, but it actually taste better the second time around.
Blabitty Blah Profile
Blabitty Blah answered
Yummy turkey lol
nicolai forte Profile
nicolai forte answered
The food especially the turkey  but mainly the family time
Dougbud Vickers Profile
Dougbud Vickers answered
The Fact that usually my mother invites me over to Staten Island to  have Thanksgiving with her MILLION Facebook Friends over 4-5 Turkeys and 3-4 Hams and @ least 2 Ducks...I don't know how she manages..I also like how she always ALWAYS passes out into a "Turkey Hangover" or..Food Coma
Jessica Profile
Jessica answered
Getting to spend time with my family and friends, and all the food we get to eat!
Molly Michael Profile
Molly Michael answered
What i like most about thanksgiving is the family memories. In my family a lot of crazy and hilarious things happen around the holidays.(:
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I like to stay with my family and talk with them freely. It is a day that our relationships can get together.

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