What Do You Do On Thanksgiving Day?


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I am an Episcopalian so we always go to church as a family.  We have our big Turkey Day meal at dinner time.  My husband is a chef but I insist on doing this meal myself because I don't want some fancy, pancy dinner.  I want the old goofy green bean casserole, "fat city" dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, homemade rolls, chess pie and pumpkin pie.  The kids eat rolls and ice cream.....go figure?  Then we watch some really awful movie like "Kill Bill" while the kids compete with their video games.
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Thanksgiving Day is an American national holiday which often lasts
four days. Americans celebrate it on the fourth Thursday of November
each year. The day is set aside for giving thanks, it becomes a
traditional day for family reunion.

As it is a day of a
family reunion, on the eve of Thanksgiving, members of the family will
drive and even fly home. The next day, they sit around a table, enjoying
the traditional dinner together. Roast turkey, sweet potatoes and a
pudding are cooked for the Thanksgiving supper.

Day is also a day for students to give thanks to parents and teachers
for people still think of it as a day for giving thanks.

Thanksgiving Day, all stores are closed. In some big cities, there are
carnival parades for children. In other cities, there are always
important football games. Important football games are televised.
As a result the streets become very quiet, as
  if the whole city was a deserted place. The following day,
however, everything becomes especially alive and active. People go to
supermarkets and big department stores for there is a big sale. They get
what they need at much lower prices.

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I am with my family on Thanksgiving. Giving thanks for all of the blessing that I have received for the year. I have been saving enough money for the holiday so that I wont have to borrow money. If you need to borrow money, better keep an eye on your mental health. Money and mental health are connected to one degree or another, and when your income slows or is strained it has a negative effect, and it can even leave you as a patient without means to get the help you need, meaning you'd have the options of either borrowing money or leaving bills to go to collections unpaid.
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Try to figure out what to eat besides turkey lol and eat with family figuring out if it will be at my mom's or at my fiance's moms or both and what to save room for if visiting both in the same day :)
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I get together with my family and we have a large meal and then give thanks to God for all our blessings.
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Go to the movies

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