Why do people always make stereotypes about canada?


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Why do people make stereotypes about anyone or any country ?  Probably through ignorance and being un-educated . 
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I've also heard that Canadian French is spoken far worse than the French spoken in France...Whats the deal with that?
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Because theyre so many of them here and theyre always easy to pick on so they do but its not just Canada either
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I cant think of any jokes or steryotypes against canada tbh lol, and ive spent far too long on sikopedia
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Nadya Bean
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Ive never been farther than like florida (check out disney world its soo fun!)
Steve Williams
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The florida one is meant to be soo much better than the paris one lol, ive been like three times. Have you heard of alton towers?
Nadya Bean
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No never wat is it?

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