Have you ever used the words 'brouhaha' or 'kerfuffle', either in speech, or in writing? ~Do you know what these 2 words mean; and can you differentiate them?


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Janey answered
Yep i would use "brouhaha" quite often as it describes the state of panic some of us would get into when we're running late for deadlines at work and we have to get our skates on.I explained these terms to a French friend as he couldn't tell the difference between the two and basically, the "brouhaha" is a bigger or more widespread version of "kerfuffle" meaning a scuffle, social skirmish or disorder of some sort.I also described it as a "ruck" but this only confused the poor guy even further lol.
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Well, a brouhaha is definitely not a donnybrook, more of a hulabaloo.  A kerfuffle is more of a ahem-ahem, tsk-tsk, or nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

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