Do you believe in today's society, blue collar and manual labor workers are looked down upon and denigrated?


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Yes I think they probably are, and I think this is because of a few reasons:

  • The majority of people in developed countries work in the service sector, and not in blue collar jobs. As is the case with most things in society, if a group is in the minority, they are usually victimised. It's a sad but often true fact of capitalist society.
  • I also believe class factors have a huge role to play in this trend. People who work blue collar or manual labor jobs are far more likely to be from a working class background than say a banker or lawyer is. As is the case in most societies, the people in the lowest class are often denigrated for simply being part of that class.
  • I think there is also simply a 'snobbish' element to it. The nature of blue collar jobs means that your prone to get your hands dirty. Which is something that people look down upon these days - they see it as dirty, and unsophisticated work.
This is a shame because for years blue collar jobs were the core of a developed nation's economy. With the rise of the Eastern 'tiger' economies and a shift towards service-based economies in the West, the number of people in these roles has dwindled. Making them an easy target for unfair criticism and denigration.

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Andrea Heatherington
Excellent point. I am a fairly educated person, I think of myself as cultured, but not refined. I am open minded and creative and I work what you could call a blue collar job. I am a skilled laborer in the aerospace industry. I find it quit strange that when I meet people, after talking a while they ask what I do, they get this dismissive tone after I tell them.
It's not insulting, I just think people today have lost touch with some of the things that, not to sound cliché, built this country.
Andrea Heatherington
Also, just to point out that "service sector" ranges from attorneys to shopkeepers. That's an eye opener. Cheers.
Dan Banks
Dan Banks commented
No worries, I have worked in blue collar jobs before and know exactly what you mean. People do not understand the importance of industry/manufacturing to the economy.
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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

This has always been the case but without blue collar workers, the world wouldn't be where it is so whether all like it or not, white and blue collar workers go hand in hand

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