What are your top ten themes for a fancy-dress party, either for adults or children?


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Just like Kim, I love a fancy dress party. There's no end to the creative ideas for costumes and outfits.

When I was younger, I'd devote a lot of time, money and effort into clubbing and dressing up. Here's some of the cooler fancy dress themes I've encountered along the way.

Fantasy - The whole point of dressing up is exploring your fantasies!

Body Art - A relatively cheap option, and very cool if done right.

Berlin Kabaret - Nothing beats partying like you're in pre-WWII Weimar Republic. Even Liza Minnelli was cool back then...

Boudoir - This is a great theme if you're looking to host an "intimate" and decadent event with lots of feathers, masks, and risque outfits.

Moulin Rouge/Kit Kat Kabaret - Great excuse to get the absinthe-flowing; this theme is all about top hats & tails, feathers & frills and breathtaking (and breath restricting) corsets. 

Venice Carnival - There's something really magical and mysterious about Venice during carnival, and this makes an awesome fancy-dress theme too.

Uniform - Everyone loves a uniform. That's why pilots make such popular dinner guests...

Medical - Nurse and doctor outfits are standard fancy dress fare. Spruce things up with a latex take on an old classic.

Militaria - This is kind of a spin off from the whole "uniform" theme, but I think it deserves its own mention due to some of the creative military outfits that have been worn throughout history.

Circus Side Show - This is a theme that I really love. When people think 'circus' - they tend to think clowns...

However, there's so much scope with circus sideshows that you're really spoilt for choice. My favorite sideshow performers are a duo called The Baron and Missy Macabre, and they're perfect inspiration for anyone that wants to do "circus" without the big shoes.

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Melinda Moore
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Wow - some of these are amazing, though they'd probably only work for the young and beautiful! I've always wanted to go to the Venice carnival, ever since seeing it on "Brideshead Revisited". Have you been?
Virginia Zuloaga
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Yes! Masquerade! That's a dressed-for-success theme!
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I love a fancy-dress party!

I always think that it is such a good icebreaker.  People are already laughing before the party has started and it gives strangers something to talk about.  Regarding my 10 favourite themes, well:

10. James Bond - I don't really class this as fancy-dress, however I  love getting dressed up in my finest outfit!

9. Peter Pan - This is from my son, he told all my family who everyone was going to be for his party.  It was awesome, we had a full cast.

8. Movies - Nice and easy.

7. Masquerade - I have never been to one of these parties but I would love it!!

6. Knights - My friends had a themed party where the whole of their house was transformed into a castle.  We did jousting and sword fights - it was lots of fun.  They even had a 'time machine' in their driveway taking us back in time.  It was very well thought-out.

5. Gaming - From Mario, Solid Snake, Tidus, Pac Man you choose who your gaming hero is!

4. Disney - The children will love this one!

3. Superheros - This is always good, lots of lycra though!!

2. Halloween - I can't help but love a halloween party, traditional I know, but there is something about trying to pretend to be a Zombie that is just awesome!

1. Childhood Heros - this is a good theme if you have people who don't like fancy dress.  One person could be She-Ra, or the next Spiderman, but yet someone dressed normally could say they are Beyonce and get away with it.

To be honest, pick a theme that inspires you, then you will become a muse to others.

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Oooh, yeah!  Fancy-dress theme party.  This. Is. Fun!

But I really don't have a top-ten list of themes, I just really love any creature from the "underworld" - vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, fairies, demons...

I guess I just like the night creatures with their powers, their magic and their super exotic, out-of-this-world, kind of life. 

My first choice: Vampire.  Once a vampire, always a vampire. :-)

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Virginia Zuloaga
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Hi Mel,

Ironically, as much as I like fantasy, I never liked Buffy. I'm more the True Blood type. That said, I didn't like Vampire Diaries or the Twilight Saga either!

Vampire movies? I guess The Lost Boys back in the 80s - although I'm sure I'm not going to like it if I see it again! But I do like to read fantasy books. Not always, but sometimes I find very nice stories.

Although about 4 years ago, I read 4 short books by Bram Stoker... My! Those were weird!
Melinda Moore
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Must admit, I'm not a fan of any of the modern vampire stuff, which I don't think is a patch on Bram Stoker's work. (I also love other Gothic novels, like Matthew Lewis' "The Monk", which is well worth a try - along with Ann Radcliffe's novels.)
Virginia Zuloaga
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Thanks for the suggestions! I haven't read "The Monk" so I'll check it out. The latest novel I was reading was the last part of the Trilogy of "The Strain" by Guillermo del Toro. Here vampires are monsters and a horrible virus, not those super shophisticated, super powerful, amazingly beautiful creatures!

I just remembered one contemporary movie I really liked, and almost forgot, "Interview with a Vampire" but my favourite of all times is definitely "Bram Stoker's Dracula". I've seen the movie about 10 times but the book was "complicated" to read so that's why I just read the short stories.

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