Do You Recommend Mulching Rhubarb To Prevent Winter Freeze? All Of The Leaves Have Died Back.


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Cut the leaves back a bit. Get a plastic pot quite a bit bigger than the plant, cut out a hole on the top.
Then bind the rhubarb loosely with a piece of string.
Line the inside of the pot with straw, protruding from the bottom, fit it snugly down over the plant taking care to make sure it goes beneath the soil and you can then sit out the winter frosts. You can check on the health of the plant though the hole at the top and water it if required.
When all chance of frost has passed, you simply wiggle the pot and slide it off, ready to use next time.
The plant will have started shooting and is now ready to start producing and provide you with rhubarb.
Do not be tempted just to put a plastic covering over the plant
it can still freeze, and just mulching around its feet will still allow frost into the core. Bundle it up and it will be fine.

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