How has Obama ruined your life?


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I am not very political.

People need to just spend less time complaining and more time enjoying what they do have.

I know some of you will say the government has taken away everything that we own, and I disagree. You might not die with a mansion or that Mustang you always wanted, but you know what? I am perfectly happy( brainwashed according to some) with my current situation.

Go do what makes you happy and enjoy what you have now is what I say.

If you want to argue with me, please be relaxed about it I don't like harsh comments.

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Corey The Goofyhawk
It's not called brainwashing, but instead, called being content. This is a value that I wish most Americans would rediscover. I'm with you on this. I'm content where I am and with what I have.
Corey The Goofyhawk
Packy, I wasn't responding to your comment but to the actual question. I understood what you were saying, no worries. Sorry for the confusion.
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I was wondering how everyone feels because I have a cousin that seems to blame everything on Obama. From being unable to find a job. Despite dropping out of high school, getting a GED, and never going to college. When she did had one, she complained it paid too little and it's Obamas fault for giving all the money to illegals and welfare people. She complained about paying a fine for not being able to afford healthcare, even though she can pretty much get it for free under ACA. A thing she's really angry about is the price of bacon, even though I heard there was a recent bout of pig sickness. She's pretty overweight by the way, at least 300-400 lbs so I don't think she'll starve anytime soon. But she still blames Obama for not being able to afford food.

She watches Sean Hannity all day and was a pretty huge Glen Beck fan back in the day. She's also planning to homeschool her kids. I worry for them the most.

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I'm going to start by saying that, I too, am a Sean Hannity fan as well as a Rush Limbaugh fan. I say that so people don't think that all of us Hannity/Limbaugh fans are nuts. Anyway, as much as I dislike what I hear coming out of Washington sometimes, I am still a happy American man. I have my health (if I could just get over this cold), I have a car, I have my wife, and I have Mountain Dew. There's not really much to complain about. It's all in your perspective. Best of luck my friend!

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Corey The Goofyhawk
I'll drink to that. Even though we may be on opposite ends of the political spectrum, we both love this country. Despite our differences, we can definitely agree on that.
CalTex - Doug Morgan
@Corey: Can we make that sentiment into a virus and put it in this nation's water supply? How much better life would be!
Corey The Goofyhawk
Absolutely! You and I may just revitalize the American spirit.
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I thought the Bushes were worse, then Obama.

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Some people don't do anything with their life & blame their weakness & laziness on others. I'm afraid your cousin is one of them. I hope she stop being a loser to her journey & take responsibility over her life.  That's all. Plus, it's a sadness that so many Americans doesn't even know the protocols in the White House, that "President" is not doing everything. Not every decision going to be make by Obama & there's a tone of higher powers behind the cameras. Hah!

Someday i slept & lived seven days in street corner,  been accused for murder while i was innocent & been in holding half a month & been tortured a bit. Lived my life for 40 $ a day in a  motel room. Had no school bus & no money to take the cab, oh i had, but i preferred to save it for other things & so many more . . . Do i blame all these things on A poor president that he has so many more problems & things to deal with himself & leading the country ? Specially with brainwashed racism people. No.

Now i'm 20, having a great job not my career anyway, just for staying alive until i'm about to start my career (my passion) that follows fame & money all together nearly hopefully in the next year. Having a happy great life & i'm so fine. Why ? Because i started trying for my life not to be weak & not to look for the faults. Doesn't matter whether things that happens be on our own fault or it happens out of our control. As long as you be weak enough to waste time to find someone to blame. You never progress. Specially when you talking about United States. We are blessed with much freedom & opportunity & all some people want is complaining. You get everything you want in this country. You just have to be brave enough to stand on your feet & earn it.

Obama ? He served this country more than so many dudes already. He benefited the country & me. I have five favorite president & he's one of them.

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You mean it wasn't Obama who took all my guns, abolished all disent, madxe me take birth controlpills (and I'm a guy for goshakes) built those secret FEMA camps, and has a secret plan to turn the US over to his Muslim brothers?  Well, I'll be hornswoggled!  . 

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K. B.  Baldwin
K. B. Baldwin commented
Well, sane is not my strong suite, but basically Obama has not ruined my life at all. I still have my guns, I can still complain, I don't have to take birth control pills, I've never seen a FEMA camp, and as near as I can tell he is a Christian, and not one of the toxic ones. Is that better.
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Yes, a good riposte. :)
Ray Dart
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And a good answer in there somewhere. :)

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