What's it like being Thirty?


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Ancient Hippy answered

It's great. I should know, I've turned 30 twice.

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Woof Woofy answered

im almost 25 so i cannot awnser this lol. But at my age. I still feel the same as i did all my life. But of course. Im more mature now than when i was a kid. And the joints are more achier.. im actually quite scared to reach 30 and 40.. am i gunna be ugly and wrinkled up. 

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DDX Project answered

Depends on the decisions you made before getting there. Your career, where you live, probably your romantic partner will all be determined by what you were doing before you turned 30. How stressful or fun it is will also be determined by your personal choices.

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Depends on your perspective.  Some haven't been there yet and wish they could get to it .. Some wish they could go back to it .. And sadly, some may never see it.

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