If you wanted to make a fresh start in a completely different and better country that you live in now, which part of the UK would you settle in?


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PJ Stein answered

What makes you think people would choose the UK? Personally it is a little too cold there for me.

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Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
Tomorrow it will be 86 or 87 in London. Around 68-69 in Glasgow. 75(ish) in most of "middle England". That happens quite a lot of the time in "This Sceptred Isle"
PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
That is your summer temps, if I am starting over I presume I would have to be there in winter as well.
Ray Dart
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Hmm... Winter is different. It's pretty and you can ski in some "hilly bits". It's not as warm as it is in summer. But hey.. winter does not go on for long!
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Didge Doo answered

Hang on, Ray, hang on. I just posted a clip from Yes Prime Minister on another question, and then you come up with this!

If I can't settle in Midsomer County I'm gonna stay right where I am. >:-/

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Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
It is interesting. There are lots of places around there which are typically "middle England". Midsomer Norton? Sounds lovely doesn't it? And the town itself does have some charm. It is somewhat overshadowed by a huge slag heap.
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Why wherever you are Ray! I'd be like a piece of gum on your shoe! We could be best buds! Jk! If I was going to move out of country...it would be somewhere tropical!

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Maurice Korvo answered

Hook, Hampshire  maybe on Rockswood close. Its close to St John the Evangelist church and The White Hart pub.

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Yo Kass answered

Well, I already live in the UK...but if I had to move somewhere other than where I currently live, I think I'd consider somewhere on the Norfolk coast first.

The Costwolds could be an interesting move, it looks lovely down there.

I also really miss the hustle and bustle of London, so I'd never rule out a move back there.

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Bradley Lomax answered

I currently live in the uk , but my area Hyde is that of a desolate, benign place though if I was to move anywhere else in the UK it would probably be ever Woodley just from aesthetic appeal alone, or somewhere closer to Manchester because there's lots of bars and venues there. My ambition's on moving are small and restricted .

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Bradley  Lomax
Bradley Lomax commented
I do believe so , aside from the notorious poor football team it was the only national exposure this town has got , I mean it still comes under as small manchester town even though it's much closer to Ashton under Lynn .
Didge Doo
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Did you see the follow up series, Yosey? Ashes toAshes. I saw that one first and liked it even more.
Mind you, some of the language used might have outraged the US Bible brigade.
Didge Doo
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The final episode of Ashes to ashes resolves all the strange conundrums that occurred during both series. It's a bit tantalising but it makes it all clear.
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Walt O'Reagun answered

Not the UK.

Probably Canada - British Columbia.

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Matt Radiance answered

There's no country better than U.S.A for me. Everything is the best here. From the smallest to the biggest, from technology to it's lifestyles. From language to it's culture, from the west to it's south, from the weather to the structures. From business cities to it's small towns, from it's FBI to it's sheriff. From the strips to it's stars, from it's land to it's freedom. It has flaws as well, well nobody is prefect, nowhere can be prefect either. I would live nowhere but America ♥

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Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance commented
. . i'm tired of "that" i'm tired of it when Americans learnt to just complain complain & complain, no process gonna be 100 % flawless . .. there always gonna be some flaws but that doesn't mean we let go of so many great things we have got & just criticize & complain about those number of flaws . . where's appreciation ? that's where i get mad & talk about "deserve" .. "Appreciate what you've got while working for what you want" Some americans don't appreciate so many gifts they have but they just complain about their life,government & the whole country. this is a life rule "if you don't appreciate what you have you won't get anything more than that, because you prove you don't even deserve your current position, you don't appreciate it so why there should be anything more? . .

(sorry for the long note, but i needed to make you see what's in my mind, i'm just sick of so much criticize, some Americans criticize like crazy without even a single appreciation of other great things, that's rude,childish & so spoiling.
Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance commented
But don't you think appreciation need be expressed as well ? so much criticize is so depressing. for example, U.S prisons are more than it's collages ect . .if we just criticize this, is it going to be better ? NO appreciation is a power of positiveness. you need to first appreciate of great things you've got to make the positiveness lay over. then okay we've got so many good things, but we have .. this . . that . .those .. these . . bad points as well , now we need to work on them to make them better to be a better country, better nation & build a better next generation.
but by closing our eyes & not seeing anything good but only seeing bad things . .that doesn't fix anything.
Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance commented
This is something you needed to attention from the first too, i don't know what makes you think you know more than people, you come on my answer & try to address me like we're not best anything ect . ect . .what makes you think people don't know that but you know ? what i should assume by that ? you need to check your dictionary, United States is the best country in the world. do you know there's no "Certain truth" ? i don't care what the whole world would say, i don't care what others would say, (That is my truth) that's our life, you have your own truth & others have their owns & i have my own as well, When i talk about my country, i'm expressing my own view & my own truth, it's all my personal opinion, so i'm not pretending, for me United States is the best & i wouldn't live anywhere else i don't want anywhere, U.S.A is prefect to me & that is my truth, that is my world, & it's far from pretend. you can dig your own truth & question anything you like, but for me here is the best & i'm enjoying my life cause we have the best things in here. anything else you are thinking about, that is respectful but you don't need to walk around & address people like you know more than them.

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