My mom got me to think about heaven and therefore got me anxious to go there, it's getting to the point where it's effecting my daily life. How can I stop?


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Pretty simple. Just realise that Heaven, like Neverland, is just a fantasy. It sounds nice but it ain't gonna happen. Enjoy the life you have now.

And do remember that those people who believe in Heaven probably also believe in Hell. Now THAT's a bit daunting.

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Well stated.
Didge Doo
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What frightens me about this question, Angela, is that the kid is keen to get there and may be tempted to expedite the process. It's scary.
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Yes that's exactly what I thought when I first read the question. You did a great job explaining things!
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While heaven sounds like a wonderful place, and personally there are some people I can't wait to see again, there are still plenty of people here that I would hate to leave. You need to focus on those that are here for you now, and those you are here for as well. You are here to live your life, and that is what will get you into heaven.

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By thinking instead of being indoctrinated with someone's fantasy.

Your life is already negatively impacted by this fairy tale and if you keep obsessing about that which is unsupported by any evidence anytime you will ruin the only life you will ever have.

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There once was a fictional character (Peter Pan) that lived and believed in "neverland". Heaven is as much the same place. Rather then live in a place "that might be" Live in a place that is. The here and now.

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Lindsay, you are getting anxious over something you cannot control, unless you believe in Jesus Christ and have turned your life over to Him.

A lot of people use the line, you'd better not act up or you won't get into Heaven, as a means to control the actions of someone else.

So you can choose to be freaked out about something that is not in your control or you can choose to acknowledge the threat and simply move on with your day. Your choice.

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Why not try to develop a relationship with God for yourself. It will help you to be balanced in the way that you do things. His loving guidance and protection will provide what is needed when it is needed when have such a relationship. Something you can remember,  prayer and God's word the bible will help you to get there.

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You can start enjoying now at least one of the best things you will find in Heaven.

"Do to or for others what what you would want them to do to or for you."

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Take a moment and realize every minute you spend fretting about an afterlife is time you can't get back in this life.

Lost time will never be found.

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