My mother told me when I was young the world is catered to the young people. Now that I'm old I see that she is right, the music and everything is made to sell to twenty year old people. Does it seem that way for you?


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Yes, it seems that way to me also, Otis. Just part of getting older I guess ! LOL

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Young people have more of a disposable income, so that is who companies choose to market to. People in their 30s, 40s and 50s are spending money on their homes, and families, and educating those families. Then by the time the families have moved out they are either on a fixed income, or they have been by passed by the companies or actually figured out many of the things that companies are selling aren't needed. They are more discerning with their purchases.

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otis otiscambell
otis otiscambell commented
I was at the grocery store today van Galen was dancin in the streets was playing over the store music intercom. I feel like crying
PJ Stein
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What I find sad is bands like Zepplin being used in commercials like a jingle. (CRINGE!)
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I'm exactly 20 years old.

But what your mother pointed out and what you feeling is only "One" way to see and say it. It is correct but there's a simple bigger picture into it.

The world going forward, generation to generations. If you expect that the music you heard in your 20's be heard today by the majority, your expectations are invalid.

Layers of each level of society changes due change of generation.

Technology . . . Lifestyle . . . Ideals . . .education . . . Music . . . Anything.

Led Zeppelin are legends. They are good, but good to their own generation. Maybe some people even from this generation listen to them. I myself  have some of their albums and listen and watch so many musics and movies from 60's - 70's 80's . . .i can't say how much i love it's Jazz. 

But even Rock became bigger and much wider than those decades that bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Anathema ect . . Were singing. I listen to them, their music is so simple. By listening twice i can play all of their drum beats. But they are legends and everyone must have it's respect for them. But they were good only in their own time with it's appropriate concept. If today people sing like those bands, no one buys it. It would be boring.

So what happens here is not about everything is for 20 years old people. It's about the life changed forward the new generation and it's own appropriate concept. Something that been appropriate and majority would follow in 50's to 80's era. Won't be appropriate today. And what's appropriate today won't be appropriate 40 years later from now on.

As simple as that.

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Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance commented
I'm getting suspicious if i got the main purpose of the question wrongly. not sure yet. but in order to discuss this with you, you need to little explain what is that even mean when you point out, "Centered" .and "sell" ?
Maurice Korvo
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Well, here in the west, it is a capitalistic environment. Almost everything a person sees is trying to sell something. Life revolves about the almighty Dollar. Any entertainment (Music) is there to sell. Who is this aimed at? Why the 20 year olds?
Matt Radiance
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You don't have to explain about "Capitalism" i'm living it's environment. what i asked is the explanation of your own understanding. however, there's nothing such as "Centered" as far as i can see. Why 20 years old ? because these people are the one who can get built up by every new education,system,mechanism and carry the future of the country and the world. and express an era and form a culture.
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Your mother was a smart lady, Otis, but I'm not sure she had it completely right.

As I walk around during the daytime it's obvious that most of the other people I meet are geezers -- the Used-to-Be's or the Never-Made-It's. The younger folk are out earning enough money to keep their world turning, but while they may have to pay allegiance to The Man during the day but they OWN the nights.

So where do all the geezers go at night? We tuck ourselves into bed early so we'll have enough energy for another day's geezering tomorrow.


Of course, all that says nothing about trends in music, which most of the other answers have targeted. But then, you wouldn't want to hear from somebody whose teens pre-dated rock and roll and who grew up on a diet of Dean Martin, Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Theresa Brewer, Perry Como and the Weavers, Music (and its substitutes) is a generational thing.
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otis otiscambell
otis otiscambell commented
Yes I listen to that and the supremes but its bad when u here it in stores and elevators it. Tells u your old
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
My creaky joints tell me I'm old. I don't need music to do that. :)

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