What are some things that you do for New Years? Special foods?


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Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

I don't do anything out of the ordinary. I watch TV, get on Blurtit, drink coffee, take the dog out, same old same old.

Geez, I'm a boring old man!!!

Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

This year I'm going to make a boneless Leg of Lamb with Couscous salad. I've not ever made that before for New Years but I love lamb. Probably put me to sleep ! LOL.

dragonfly forty-six Profile

My two best friends and I usually eat dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. We've been doing the same thing for 15 years.

SuperFly Original Profile

TV, alcohol, cheese stix, those mini hot-dog things, chips, more chips, pizza.

To be continue: Plus those tasty fly traps that you get in home-depot, but without the sticky part that gets you stuck.

Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

This year I'm making a dinner for my 24 year old daughter (we are roommates) and I.  We will be having filet mignon, sautéed (in duck fat) mushrooms and  2 (each) sunny side up eggs. 

Smiley Crankenhoof Profile

For New Years, I'm going to do what I always do on New Years. I marinade some New York strip steaks for dinner.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

I turn the tv up real loud and pray there are no commercials with doorbells. I give my dogs homeopathic calming medicine and hope the neighbors with the fireworks are too drunk to carry on for long. 

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