What's a scam that everyone seems to give into?


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The United Way- Not an actual charity, but a funds distribution  clearinghouse for real charities. Roughly a dozen top figures in this politically prominent "nonprofit" entity still make six figures or better. Some have no offices or staffs within United Way facilities. Four former execs have served prison time for misuse (distribution, anyone?) of funds.

Susan G Komen Fund- has spent tens of millions of its contributions on media, advertising, and especially lawsuits against perceived copyright violations of "For the Cure". Also boasts a number of excessively paid execs and celebs. One wonders how an actual cure would benefit Komen.

-----but both are miniscule compared to the all-time Titan of Scams----

Organized religion. So intrinsically foul and mismanaged, its peak period is still known as the Dark Ages. Name an evil, any depravity or indignity, and this collective did it first, more, and for longer. 

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Virginia Lou
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Zee...another Q, if it can even be resolved into a few words of this Q/A format...what is the resolution?

That is, as a health care professional I KNOW what we would need to do - however unlikely or impossible that may be. For this Catch-22 financial situation you laid out, what is the way out?
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Excellent question, Virginia, and I am admittedly no economist. I speak as one who's run businesses and households, 3 primary (and obvious) steps have to occur: stop borrowing, raise revenue, & curb spending. How do to any of these things evokes as many answers as there are economists to suggest them and politicians to find fault with them. How important is addressing this problem to Joe and Jane Citizen in their busy workaday lives, don't they have more immediate concerns? Until it matters enough to really rile the masses, our elected Reps will find ways to kick the can down the road again.
So, while I rehearsed several lengthy answers to your post, I'll conclude with this observation: Yes, there are a legion of things we can propose, some will work, but all will fall short of the fulfilling the staggering obligation, and none of which will be seriously considered until the sky starts falling.
Virginia Lou
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Just to let you know I was back here, and thank you Zee.

Interesting that we went through a time like 2008 and that was not close enough to a "falling sky" to inspire us to get ourselves together.
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Nigeria. Someone in our country has died and left you  $50,000,000 and you need to send $20,000 (fees)  to the Deputy Minister of Defense, to release your money.

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Pyramid multi level marketing scams. Go to school and get a real job dumbos.

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The Susan G. Komen Foundation. One of the biggest rip-off "charities" in the world.

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Dear Zack,

This one will meet resistance, I feel certain...but I am a retired health care professional, and I think our modern health care system in the US is a major scam, and indeed one that virtually everyone seems to give into.

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Virginia Lou
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Yes true NN not 100% sham...but deeper than we would like to think.
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The health insurance scheme is exploitative and dishonest, as insurance companies tend to be everywhere. They're not in business to benefit their clients but their shareholders.

Just a couple of months ago there was a revelation that many people who thought they were paying for the best of hospital care discovered, when making a claim, that they had actually paid for very little.

But the government backs those people who don't have health insurance. It's not perfect but it helps.

The fist time I was "made redundant", back in 1988, health insurance was the second thing we dropped. The first was food >;-/

Since then Lynne has needed surgery three times, all of which we paid out of our savings but, since medical fees are not unreasonable here, it wasn't too bad. Her hip replacement last year, for instance, cost us $6,500.

My cancer treatment in 2010, including three months' radiation therapy, cost only $200-$300. The rest was covered by the government's health care scheme.

So it's pretty good here. We can afford to get sick and we can afford to be treated without selling our souls to the devil.
Virginia Lou
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Thank you Dozy. There are more questions I would ask if we were in person...but your comments are a good start. And yes $6500 for hip replacement surgery is relatively reasonable.
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I buy a Lotto  ticket every week. 

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Any "Promise" or claim that seems "Too good to be true" should be weighed against what is possible in the natural world. The steadfast assuredness by those already duped into believing the promise is merely a means to not "Look the Fool" after devoting so much time and effort to a cause with no physical or rational payout.

In order for the promise to fully take hold of one's psyche, you CAN introduce the foundation for this scam in the very early years of their brain development, where the mind is more malleable and accepting of unnatural concepts from those they love and trust. 

Literature and documentation can be provided from the originators of the unnatural promise to support their intent in propagating the unnatural promise to future generations, with the help of foundations set up to promote group meetings where the only hope to keep believing in such falsehoods, is to align oneself with others who have already bought into the unnatural promise, and now become each other's support group, providing conformation to stoke the fires of untruth and keep reason from creeping in. Funding will be accepted to further propagate the unnatural promise and line the pockets of those it will.

***Now, this can be applied to a great many things that are relevant to our current society.

Also, watch out for "Amway"

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
If the natural world were all that existed, you would be correct.

You briefly alluded to the "effort justification hypothesis" in the first and second paragraphs---so I expect that you will give us another example with you acting as the subject if you respond to this comment.
Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
So . . . what other worlds exist then?
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The "two party election". You really don't  have to vote for a democrat or a republican. There are other parties out there. The problem is the people who control the debates are all from those two parties and refuse to let anyone else in.

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It's been said, but the two-party system. It's a complete scam, we aren't forced to keep it, there are other possibilities, but we've all convinced ourselves it HAS to be this way, so we continue to do nothing to change it. The very fact that our elections become choosing between the lesser of two evils (which is still evil) is PATHETIC. It doesn't have to be this way, but it may be a very long time before something changes.

And there are many other answers I could give to this question, but they would just cause unnecessary offense, so I will leave it at this one, since I think we can all agree our election system and government are deeply flawed.

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