How do you define a civil society leader?


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I don't know , honestly.. But we have a hot Prime Minister ... I think hotness helps and if not .. It doesn't hurt ;p

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Aww! i see! i created such complication blonde moment here!! ;p
One side of you doesn't allow me, one side of you liking it!! so the result is content so no juice box! the complication is my fault !!!

But you see ? i understand you very well ! so some juice box for my understanding on you !!! :))))
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Yes :) juice boxes for you for being honest and calling me DUH :) I have very few people in my life who will criticize me or"duh" me cos I have a temper and a quick wit at times and an evil backlash :) in the past few years I've come to apriciate people who will put me in my place. I like it :) you get a juice box !
Matt Radiance
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That perspective was totally unexpected! well, i'm happy about the juice box! but you must remember something! i'm here to be around that blacklash not runaway from it ;p !! that's my job!!!!! lol! plus, i'll be always be honest to you of course :)
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Leaders flourish at all levels in any society. They have at least one thing in common: Sufficient energy, enthusiasm, and charisma to inspire people to follow them. They may be anybody from a smart kids who excel at sport, to giants like Churchill or Mandela.

On Blurtit Rooster leads by example. He is El Jefe.

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He who governs best governs least.

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