Watched Trump on the news today, and he said he was going to change the immigration policy back to 1965 policy Has the President of the US have the power to singly change policies etc with no input from senate?


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Dear Korvo One,

I would like to preface that I am not expert on the Executive Branch of US government, but since the time of George Herbert Walker Bush I have been surprised (dismayed) at how much authority the POTUS can assume.

And whoever wins this election, we may have those limits tested even further.

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Maurice Korvo
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thanks for your comment. I just wondered as Obama had such a problem putting through his medi-care, how much Trump's promises are just hot air. :)
Virginia Lou
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I am (again) only guessing, but yes it is possible, for instance, that either or both of the candidates are just saying/doing anything they can in their scramble for votes.
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President has power? Yes. Is he in charge of executive branch ? Yes.

But he can't make all the decisions alone.

The federal law gets created under eyes of "Congress"

-Congress includes:

-Senate -House of Representatives

There's 100 Senator and 435 Representatives

Also we have other branches such as "Judicial"

Judicial branch:

-Reviews the law -Explains the law -Resolves disputes -Decides if a law goes against the constitution.

A president has branches under his throat. Every bill must be reviewed by many before it's passed.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
I honestly get the impression that he lives in a different dimension of reality .. I mean really .. The very way he picks his words about what he intends to do when he becomes president is a sure sign that the man is completely out of touch. He keeps reverting back into his world of business where he can bully, demean and dismiss anyone he comes in contact with without consequence to himself .. and thinks he can run an entire country the very same way. The problem with that is, it would be the american people who would suffer the consequences of his actions .. and he couldnt care less.
Matt Radiance
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Maurice Korvo
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He is a bit scary.

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