Is there a possible chance that for once in the future we will actually get a GOOD president?


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The trouble is that you (and the rest of the world) do not recognise a "good" president at the time when he is in position. Also some "good" presidents are ***t people.

The last president that had REAL respect outside the US was George Bush (the first, sensible one).

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Indigo  Dawn
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Im sure we MIGHT have a good president, just not this election. My best friend's great grandmother once had a vision of having a black president, a female president and a good president, i hope its true about the good president part, i doubt it'll happen any time soon.
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There would have to be a serious reworking of Washington for this to ever happen again.

"By the People and for the people" -  haven't been observed for quite some time now.

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The possibility exists, though first, we'd need to bring forth an actual GOOD candidate for a change. I'd submit the best leaders already have better jobs.

Maybe our ugly misadventure this go 'round might inspire us to give ourselves better options next time...maybe.

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Ray  Dart
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Given that two people who do not need to be president are standing for the job, it seems that "the best leaders" really do not want the job. How does a country of "all the talents" persuade one of the hundreds of people who must be qualified to do the job well, to stand?
Call me Z
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This is quite a dilemma, Ray. While 400K a year th US President makes might seem like plenty to some, it really isn't in the light of the rigors of the job. You can't hold any other positions in the meantime. No corporate boards, no business expansions, followed around everywhere, every move under the microscope.
Most of those with sufficient acumen to excel at this position earn far more, endure far less scrutiny and controversy, and enjoy more privacy and personal freedom for themselves and their family. How, indeed?
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NOPE ... There is a saying along the lines that, good people will not run for political office because they don't want the scrutiny.

Meaning even the best person has things in their past which they don't want the entire country to know.  And good people care about that ... While scoundrels don't.

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Sure, when pigs fly!!

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I can't imagine anyone with any level of 'good' ethics and conscience even wanting to have that job. Unless you have some 'alternative agenda' ..  Like greed or hunger for power ... Who would want to be soo graphically disected and scrutinized to the extent that happens .. Nor who would want anyone they've ever come in contact with ... Especially anyone whom they care about .. To under go the same?

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Obama was a pretty decent president.

We still live in a country where if a person does what they have to do, their life will end up somewhere predictable. Citizens have the ability to chose their own successes and failures. In the past 8 years, my livelihood have drastically improved. As does for all my family, friends, relatives, in relating to once again what I stated before; all their personal choices. The younglings who were worried about their future, researched thoroughly, and studied hard are now enjoying fruitful careers.

We've churned out more innovations and technological advances in this decade alone than all of the past combined.

People put too much of their personal life consequences on the President. It's weird really. Government is there to make sure you have a road to drive to school, whether you choose to or not. And to make sure the air  you breathe while doing Yoga on Saturday is clean. Not whether or not you choose to exercise and become fat. Etc. Etc.

Go live life, enjoy it, be the best that you can be. Stop letting media spin turn everyone into a grouchy sack of potatoes.

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