Is anyone noticing the spike in hate crimes since Trump was elected President of the United States?


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Prove it.

There is no hard data, at this point ... Only an increased perception, due to media reporting such violence ALLEGEDLY being tied to Trump's election.

In other words ... It's all the opinion of the media.  And anybody with any sense knows every media outlet is biased.

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Matt Radiance
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Exactly! even i am not Trump's supporter but i seeing more positives than any negative so far! but see how society respond to the rape accusations while none of the accusations ever been proved! Media fires it up, people start the gossip, the emotion and rates get created! dumb but real!
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Not really ! I've noticed more about the last four years than ever before.

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See Pepper Pot's answer - correct.

There was a lot of publicity here in the UK about a murder in Harlow of a Polish national.

It was reported as a hate crime.

Actually, it was a silly argument outside a pub, after several people were "asked to leave" after an argument between a number of men trying to "chat up" the same woman.

All concerned were very drunk.

It was a hateful thing to happen, but had nothing to do with "Brexit" or hate crime.

Newspapers tell lies to sell papers.

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I haven't noticed any ....but the only news I watch now  is TMZ. So I know one of the Kardashians spawned another baby .. Is a hate crime ? :p

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I  noticed a spike in reporting them in other places than where I live. I did see a video of a guy in a Starbucks who thought it was taking too long for him to get his coffee complain and said he wanted his money back and that yes he voted for Trump. Why he thought voting for Trump would get him better service is beyond me. And if you don't want to wait line at Starbucks, get there mobile app and order before you go and it will be waiting for you. I do that now. I did that today. When I arrived the drive thru was backed up I pulled around the front and there were very few customers and I walked in got my drink and left. The drive thru hadn't moved a single bit. I have even used it when traveling and seen the line through the door, I walk in and grab my coffee and I am gone.

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