If, after humans are extinct in the distant future, another species arrives and studies our history, what do you suppose they would conclude about us?


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Mountain Man answered

They would probably come to the conclusion that we were a wasteful species.

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Yin And Yang answered

I think they will wonder what on Earth Hippy was thinking when he married THAT one! My eyes!!!!

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Arch Bishop answered

They would probably conclude that the most fortunate of our species appeared to (least on a surface level) have diluted themselves. With an obsession for beauty and instant gratification while so many go without the bare basics. That is assuming they take our marketing at face value. I would hope they would try to dig a little deeper to understand  the big picture.

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mary adam answered

Have you seen the film "Instinct?" I think they'd see things as the lead character (Antony Hopkins) saw it.

Retiredkop Retiredkop Profile

In the beginning our Species hand common sense, integrity, honesty, and were loyal to God and country! We could entertain ourselves with the simplist things!

Were became a species that lacked common sense, integrity, honestly,and were only loyal to themselves and the dollar almighty!  Went must be intertained by nothing but the most expensive of toys than bore us in hours and are lead to believe something more expensive will entertain us better!

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PJ Stein answered

They will wonder why we failed to grow and record our lives from about this point on. Everything had been so well documented for the last few hundred years, and then it trickled to a stop. Since everything is going digital, and it is well into the future, power sources will no longer be functioning, so they will not be able to access our records.

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