Is today your day? It is October 20th National Youth Confidence Day, National Brandied Fruit Day, National Sweetest Day.


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Brandied as in soaked in Brandy. Getting drunk on a dozen brandied strawberries.  LOL

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Yin And Yang answered

I will have a dozen of Ancient One's special strawberries!

And yes it is a GREAT day!!!! It is a sweetest day cuz tomorrow (Oct.21st) is one of the Yin and Yang youngins birthdays!!! She will be 15 and she is still as sweet as she's always been! 😊

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Sounds like all kinds of good!  I'm in!

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Well I’m a youth with confidence!

Plus today is my birthday :)

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Those Brandied strawberries you mentioned sure sound good. Count me in.

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Ancient One
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Find yourself a Brandy you like. Take a mason jar and put your favorite fruit in (strawberries, sliced apple, sliced peaches etc). Cover the fruit with the Brandy and put the lid on your jar. after a week you should see the level of the brandy has gone down. That means your fruit is ready. You can freeze the fruit in plastic bags for a summer delight or just let them sit in the fridge for a few days. Yum Yum Too bad I stopped drinking alcohol 40+ years ago. I remember the taste.
Mountain  Man
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Thanks Ancient One! I will definitely try that sometime. In my younger years we used to mix just about any liquor that was available with some ginger ale (for carbonation) in a punch bowl, and add various fruit. It always turned out good. We called it Jungle Juice.
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Never had brandied fruit before, but if you are passing out some brandied strawberries I am up for trying them.

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