Is today your day? It is February 14 National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day, National Ferris Wheel Day. National Organ Donor Day, No One Eats Alone Day, and Valentine’s Day.


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Except for the Ferris Wheel (old blood pressure issues) I am in.

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Yes sounds like a great day . Happy Valentine's Day and No one eats alone Day . If you celebrate Valentine's Day and you are Single maybe go to a restaurant buy yourself a meal where there is people all around this way you don't need to be lonely . I don't like Ferris Wheels i don't like heights . Thank you for Question of the Day :) πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸ™

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Bah humbug on Valentine's day! Lol!

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Willie B. good answered

Happy Valentine's day !! ❀️ ❀️ ❀️ count me In. ❀️

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Yin And Yang
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Happy Valentine's day my friend! πŸ€—
Yin And Yang
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I saw a post today where it was a picture of a heart shaped candy box. The box read: YOU COMPLETE ME" but the valentine-r used a black sharpie marker and added a couple letters to make it more accurate.... "YOU COMPLETE MEss"

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