What Was The Purpose Of The Freedmen's Bureau And Civil Rights Bills?


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The purpose was to help the freed slaves and southern white refugees.
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Freedmen's Bureau and Civil Rights bills were in effect meant to protect the various the rights of Freedmen. The term freedmen apply to former slaves who were manumitted or emancipated.

It was observed that by February 1866, Republicans were already united upon Freedmen's Bureau and Civil Rights bills by Trumbull, as essential amendments to Presidential Reconstruction. By radicals, they were seen as initial steps towards a lot more fundamental changes while moderates viewed them as a preface to essentially re-admitting the whole of the South to Congressional representation.

Freedmen's Bureau, was essentially a federal agency created at the time of Reconstruction so as to help put distressed refugees widespread after the American Civil War. It was finally disbanded at the end of the year 1868 by President Andrew Johnson, who was staunchly opposed to helping the freed slaves.

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