What Are The Benefits Of Working Government Sector?


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Some of the benefits of working in a Government sector are:

1) In government sector jobs people are generally more secure when compared with typical jobs in MNCs and conglomerates. Employees are generally more valued in government jobs and the government sectors generally have a greater retention of employees in comparison with regular jobs. The employee turn overs are very low.

2) Government service is more respected and represent positions of authority as it is essentially the civil bureaucracy which runs the government's machinery. They are not focused towards profit gains but are more primarily directed towards uplifting the living conditions of the populace. That being said, they command greater powers and are well appreciated for that.

3) Government sectors generally provide ample opportunities to learn and to grow and are typically more rewarding than regular jobs.
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My father used to work in the government sector and it was just a terrible job. He was so dissatisfied and was happy to change jobs. Even though he was looking for it for a long time.

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An employee working in the government jobs can avail the following benefits.

1.  Leaves

Government provides various leaves to its employee such as casual leaves, emergency leaves and sick leaves etc. Salary is not deducted for all these leaves.

2.  Job security

In private sector, an employee is not aware of the insight of the company. But in case of government jobs, everything is crystal clear. No one is going to terminate you. Not even at the time of bankrupt.

3.  Flexible working conditions

Government provides a flexible working conditions to all its employees so that they can maintain a work-life balance.

4.  Compensation Rises Regularly

The government appreciates your service and will compensate you accordingly.

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Hello there. In the government sector, workers have greater job security compared to the private sector, where you may be dismissed
at any time. There are also better retirement benefits as federal employees
tend to stop working earlier than corporate workers. I prefer to be in a
secured environment, what about you?

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I think the poor perception that, it "kills" creativity is not proper.Government work can enable a person start private businesses which can be run in the evening.

Deo, Procurement Specialist.

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