Which Canadian Prime Minister Had The Shortest Term In Office?


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Sir Charles Napier Tupper (1821-1915), the former premier of Nova Scotia, had the shortest term in office of any Canadian prime minister. Tupper spent only 69 days in office between 1 May to 8 July 1896 . He was chosen to lead the Conservative government after Prime Minister Mackenzie Bowell's resignation and the subsequent dissolution of parliament.

Tupper's Conservatives won 46% of the vote during the 1896 elections, as compared to the 45% garnered by the Liberal Party. Nevertheless, the Liberals under Sir Wilfrid Laurier won more seats in parliament and thus were able to form a government. The Liberals won in 117 ridings, while the Conservatives and the Liberal Conservatives combined had only 86 seats. As such, Tupper was really little more than a transitional prime minister and never actually reported to a sitting parliament. He did, however, remain active in politics until he decided to retire in 1901. He died in Great Britain at age 94.

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