How Many Different Ways Can You Start A Petition?


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There are two main ways to start a petition. The first is the traditional method or paper petition. In this case you write a petition and approach members of the public, either directly (in the street, for example) or by displaying the document in shops, post offices, community centres or wherever it is likely to attract a sympathetic audience. This type of petition is also often used for small-scale requests, eg, in the workplace, where a group of colleagues sign a petition with a request to the management.

The second, and increasingly popular way, is to start an "e-petition" on the internet. There are a number of  websites which can help you to create and distribute an e-petition: Please click here for an example.

In both cases, the content is the same. You need to indicate who is organising the petition, give a brief summary of the issue (for the benefit of signatories) and a more detailed explanation, aimed at the recipient of the petition, including proof of research and links to further information. Generally paper petitions ask signatories to give their postal addresses, while e-petitions don't; otherwise there is little difference.

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