What Was The Enlightenment?


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The Enlightenment was an important part of the Age of Reason. It was a period in the 18th Century when people started to question traditional beliefs and authorities, believing that science could explain everything. The philosophers of the Enlightenment emphasised the deducing from nature of certain ideas which would make possible a new advance towards perfection in society. The basic requirement for this progression, it was argued, was human reason.

There were several reasons for these changes in Europe during the 18th Century, most of which came from outside the political spectrum. Firstly, by this period, most of the world had been discovered and an increased range of food, clothing and precious metals were reaching the European upper-classes. The explorations made educated people increasingly aware of the vast range of religions and government systems in different parts of the world. Individuals were noticing that societies could maintain moral values whilst not having a strong central government.
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The Enlightenment was a shift in thinking which took place throughout the 18th Century. Until this period, religion had dominated the thinking and beliefs of nearly all people. No one was encouraged to question the Church or the Church leaders and people were just expected to 'do as they were told'.
The Enlightenment saw a change in thinking towards rational and humanist views. These came to the fore, particularly with regard to philosophy and science.
The overarching aim of those involved in the Enlightenment was to liberate the possibilities of rational and scientific knoweldge and to think freely, not just within the constraints of Church doctrines.
Thinkers began to question the role of the Church and felt that it had an inhibiting effect on people's ability to think for themselves.
The French Revolution was also part of the Enlightenment and signalled the end of the Church dominating every aspect of people's lives.
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The literal meaning that you can figure out from the word 'enlightenment' is to show somebody the way if he is confused and suddenly he realizes that is the right path that he should to follow. The phenomenon has its origin in Hinduism and Buddhism where the term used for the phenomenon is 'nirvana' and it can be describes as a phenomenon in which the person has a feeling of transcendence and he stops worrying about petty things.

In Hinduism you can also find ways with which enlightenment can be attained and meditation is the prime process that can be recommended to attain enlightenment. It is believed that if you practice meditation regularly you will be able to attain enlightenment in your life as it makes you think.
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