Who Was George Schultz And Did He Have A Tattoo?


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Who is George Schultz?
George Schultz was a former United States Secretary of  State. He was born on December 13, 1920 in New York City, New York and served first as Secretary of Labor, and then as Secretary to the Treasury under the Republican Nixon administration. Schultz followed this by a seven year stint as Secretary of State under the Regan administration.

Tattoo Scandal
In 1987, George Schultz made a trip to the Far East, visiting China, Korea and Japan. During this trip he was hounded by reporters regarding two scandals. The first was an inquiry into the United State's involvement in selling arms to Iran. The second scandal involved a rumour that the Secretary of State had a tattoo of a tiger emblazoned on his butt cheek.

When pressed by reporters during his flight to China, Schultz joked that - considering he was under investigation regarding the whole Iran armament issue - he was at least entitled to keep some things secret.

As the group of reporters returned to their seats laughing, Schultz's wife Helena asked what everyone was laughing about, only to subsequently confirm to reporters that the rumour of the tiger tattoo on her husband's posterior was in fact true! 

Why a tiger tattoo?
The reason behind the choice of a tiger is reportedly linked to the fact that Schultz earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University in 1942. Despite going on to study for a Doctorate's degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Schultz's allegiance obviously lay with the Princeton Campus and its symbol: The mighty tiger.
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