What Should You Say To Someone Who's Retiring?


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‘Congratulations, you’ve done a fantastic job, you were very good at … and now it’s time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your hard work!’

‘Congratulations on your retirement! I’m sure you’ll keep on being busy, but at least now you’re your own boss!’

‘You are one of the hardest and best workers I’ve ever seen, you deserve some YOU time now! Congratulations.’

‘We wish you a satisfying retirement, as satisfying as your work has been!’

‘I’m glad that you’re retiring because now I can spend more time with you and learn to become like you.’

The best way to show your appreciation to someone who’s retiring (in the case of someone you know quite well) is either a nice present, a small group of friends getting together or even only a card. The most important thing is to let them know they have done great and they deserve a break now and enjoy themselves.

Depending on the person’s mood, you might also need to comfort them and let them know they are still useful. Perhaps it would be helpful to suggest them an activity they would be very good at or even book them a holiday. Alternatively, if it is the active type of person who sees retirement as the end of their purpose in the world, you need to make sure to always involve them in different activities you know they would enjoy and keep them entertained at least for the first period while they’re adjusting to their new lifestyle.
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Retirement is a big step for a person who has been working for a long time. It is a drastic change from his routine life. It is a bittersweet experience. So as a friend you need not say anything much it is more important to have your comforting presence. Your friend is going through a change in phase. Hence I think the best advice to give such a person is to not become obsolete and lose self worth.

After retiring people have a tendency to lose their aim in life and driftless. Hence it is necessary to keep him busy and involved in something and that is exactly what you should tell a person. But until now your friend was in a rat race to live up to certain things, now after retirement he should devote more time and energy to himself and his near and dear ones and thus learn to live with enjoyment.
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You can throw a party to someone who is retiring who is quite near and dear to you and call all the friends and relatives of the person retiring. You need not throw a lavish party but a small humble one. You can buy that person a gift that he can use after he is retired. You can also write a small card appreciating the kind of efforts he has put into a job or service. In case that person was working for you, you can say a thank you of if not you can congratulate on the retirement and give good wishes or good luck for the future. After retirement the person may have nothing to do, it is very important in this case to motivate him to do something in life rather than not doing anything at all.
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Its okay you did your best and it is good enough

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