Has Modern Living Made The People Of India Weak ,unhealthy And Disease-prone?


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Actually Yes, Modern living has brought with it many drawbacks. The life of people is becoming more hectic and stressed with the raised level of competition. People have hardly nay time for proper exercise and proper food intake. Now, many fast food restaurants are also in the market, providing fattening or unhealthy meals at low price which is also adding up to the unhealthiness to the Indian people. With this unhealthy food, low exercise and very stressed life because of high pressure at work or studies, Indians are becoming prone to diseases both physical and mental, this is making them weak physically and reducing their mental capability of in-depth "Personal" decision making.
The same applies to worldwide.
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Has modern living made the people weak, unhealthy & disease prone?
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I don thnk so..modern living has not made the ppl weak bcos if v don use modern technology v mite b nt knowin result 4 aids

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