What Was The Name Of The Country Before It Became Vietnam?


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Vietnam is a country that is located in Indochina Peninsula. It has China, Laos, Cambodia and South China sea as its neighbors.

Vietnam has an area of 331,690 square kilometers which makes it the 65th largest country of the world and it has a population of 86,116,559 which makes it the 13th largest country of the world by population. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi and the Largest city is Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam is country that has had many name changes since ancient times. It was called as Van Lang, Au Lac, Nam Viet, Dai Co Viet etc. It was called as Great Viet or Dai Viet during the Ho Dynasty from the year 1054. This name was later changed to Dai Ngu. In the year 1804, this name was changed to Nam Viet and soon afterwards the two words were rearranged to become Viet Nam which means Great South. In English this name was adopted as Vietnam by combining the two words.

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