How Did Vietnam Get Its Name ?


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Vietnam in Vietnamese is two words Viet Nam. To explain how Vietnam got it name, we need to look at the origin of the people of Vietnam.

Vietnam in history know by many different name such as:
- Au Lac
- Van Lang
- Giao Chi
- Nation of Viet
- Dai Viet
- Nam Viet
- Viet Nam

To answer the question in short - basically is Viet means the Viet people and Nam is the south. That is the Viet people in the south put together make VIET NAM. The Vietnamese race call themselves the KINH.

The Viet (in Chinese is Yue) in ancient times there are Yue of the east, north, west and south. The Nanyue which is South Yue translate to be Nam Viet, was push by the Han from  present day Guangdong Province in China and migrate south to the Hong (Red) river delta present day Ha Noi.

The people in southern China still call Vietnamese as Yuenan.

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